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How do I apply for or disconnect water and/or sewer service?
Contact the billing office at (937) 393-3447 or visit the Public Utilities Office at 130 North High Street.
When is my bill due and How can I pay my bill?
Payments are due by the 15th of each month.
I did not receive my bill this month. Does that mean I do not owe anything?
What part of the water lines is the landowner’s responsibility?
The water line from the curb stop shut off valve to the premises to be served (“the service line”) shall be installed and maintained by the property owner.
How much is a security deposits?
A security deposit is $150.00 and requires a picture ID and current phone number.
Selling or buying a property?
Please contact the office to have a final reading on the property and name change. Please give 24 hour notice on final readings.
Who do I contact if I have a problem with my bill?
Contact the billing office at (937) 393-3447 or visit the office at 130 North High Street. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays and weekends.
I had a leak. Can I get an adjustment for that?
Yes, for most leaks.
Where do I report a water/sewer leak or loss of service?
Contact the Water & Sewer Maintenance Department at (937) 393-2233 or the billing office (937) 393-3447 if unable to reach the maintenance office.
Who do I call if a have a problem with water quality?
Contact the Water Treatment Plant at (937) 393-1325.
Do I have City water or county water?
The Hillsboro Public Utilities only covers those within the city limits.
How can I change the billing address for an account?
Contact the billing office at (937) 393-3447 or visit the office at 130 North High Street.
How do I fill a swimming pool?
Often it is less expensive to fill your pool with the hose, although filling the pool with your hose does take some time.
How do I read my water meter?
Locate your water meter - The meter shown in Figure 1 is typical for most homes in our service area.
Who owns the water meters?
The property owner owns all primary water meters to which service extends.
I hear the water come on by itself. Is there something wrong with my meter?
The meter is okay.
What is the worst leak you can have in a home?
For most residential homes and small businesses the worst leak you can have is an overflow tube leak in a toilet.
Are there any other types of toilet leaks?
The other main type of toilet leak is a siphon leak.
My pipes rattle, shake and I hear a loud knocking when I turn my water on. What causes this?
That is called a water hammer.
The line into my house is leaking. Whose responsibility is it?
The line into the house is called the houseline.
The valve by my meter is leaking. Whose responsibility is it?
The main valve is the responsibility of the homeowner.
How do I recognize a Water Department employee who comes to my home?
Any Water Department employee will be driving a city vehicle and have wearing city attire.
The water pressure is low in my house and slowly getting worse. What can be done to increase it?
What most people call low pressure is actually low volume.
My water pressure was okay and now suddenly it's very low or I have no water at all. What's wrong?
A sudden loss of pressure or water can be due to a number of reasons.
I turned my valve off to make a repair and I turned it back on, but now I don't have any water. What do I do?
This can happen with what is called a gate valve.
Results 1-25 of 25