The City of Hillsboro, Ohio

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How much is a security deposits?


A security deposit is $150.00 and requires a picture ID and current phone number.


Landlords are required to sign a landlord/tenant transfer card prior to any billing changes. Deposits will be applied to final bills when a tenant moves out or a land contract is paid off. A tenant has ten days once a landlord completes the card to come in and pay the deposit, show id and sign the water transfer card. Tenants are required to call in when moving to give a forwarding address to receive any refund on deposit.

Any landlord maintaining rental property in the city, or outside the city but connected to city water or sewer services, who does not place water and sewer service solely in said landlord's own name, shall advise the city Utility Billing Department immediately upon:

  • the vacation of the premises by a tenant;
  • the termination of a lease with a tenant; or
  • the eviction of a tenant.