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My water pressure was okay and now suddenly it's very low or I have no water at all. What's wrong?


A sudden loss of pressure or water can be due to a number of reasons.


Sometimes the water will be turned off at the main valve in the house to make an interior repair and the person making the repair forgot to open the valve after the repair. There may have been a water main break and the main is off for repair.  Sometimes house lines develop leaks or break suddenly.  Water meters are designed with a small screen inside them to catch any debris in the mains which might be stirred up from a repair or someone using a hydrant, and prevent it from getting into the interior plumbing. This screen can become completely covered plugging the meter and preventing water from flowing through. In the event of sudden loss of water or drop in pressure first check the main valve in the house and make sure it is open all the way. If there is still no water or pressure call the Utility Billing Office at (937) 393-3447 to schedule an appointment.