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Hillsboro Steering Committee Meeting 11-05-18

Meeting November 5, 2018 at 4:00 p.m.

Highland County Administration Building, Small Conference Room

119 Governor Foraker Place, Hillsboro OH 45133

We would like to thank you all for continuing your participation and support for Imagine Hillsboro! Your constant efforts are valuable to the city to ensure its first Comprehensive Plan is reflective of the values and vision of the community.

As we move into our next meeting, we will be discussing key internal and external trends and forces shaping the city and identifying the strengths, opportunities, and weaknesses that are important for Hillsboro’s planning effort. The trends as presented are based on available socioeconomic data and will be enhanced by the local market findings from interviews with Stakeholders and input from the Steering Committee and Public over the coming months. 

Attached with this memo you will find a series of documents that we would like you to review prior to our meeting on November 5th. The attachments include:

Please take some time to review these materials and we will go over them as much or as little as you like on the 5th. In addition, we would also like you to think about areas of strength in your community, areas of concern or weakness, and areas of opportunity. Please mark these areas on your situation map, along with any ideas you have about these things. This will help us transition into our SWOT activity and ensure we have enough time to share and discuss input from all committee members.

We understand that without narrative it may be difficult to understand the purpose of the included maps. We have just prepared existing conditions maps that show the existing land use pattern, your transportation network, and the network of public and green spaces in the community.   During the meeting, we will be providing additional information and clarity about the mapping and analysis and what we are getting from this information.

The next step after we complete the issue and value identification will be to prepare the vision and goals. The next meeting is scheduled for December 17, 2018.

Thank you again for your continued participation and we look forward to seeing you on November 5th!

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