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General Tax Information

The City of Hillsboro has a 1.5% income tax on qualifying wages, bonuses, commissions, tips, deferred compensation, etc. and also on the net profits of businesses, rental properties, and farm income.  This applies to all who live, work, or operate a business in the City of Hillsboro.  You will need to  file a tax return even if there is a financial loss.  Interest, dividends, retirement, social security, military pay and unemployment compensation are not taxable.

The Hillsboro Income Tax Ordinance can be found within the City of Hillsboro Code of Ordinances online.  Chapter 35:  Taxation and Finance; Municipal Funds and Chapter 35A:  Municipal Income Tax Regulations Effective Beginning January 1, 2016

The City of Hillsboro requires mandatory filing which means that all City of Hillsboro residents are required to file a city tax return regardless of employment status or if the tax is being withheld by the employer.

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