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Q: Why does Hillsboro have an income tax?

A: To provide funds for operations, maintenance and other things as outlined in the Municipal Income Tax Ordinance Section 35.01.

Q: Who needs to file?

A: The City of Hillsboro has mandatory filing for all residents.  Any work or business performed in Hillsboro at any time during the tax year is taxable.  Retirees should check in with the Income Tax Department before filing.

Q: What documents are required?

A: W2’s, Schedule C, E, or F, 1099’s, 1040, etc, or any additional documentation relating to income.

Q: What is the income tax rate for Hillsboro?

A: Tax rate is 1.5%

Q: What is the deadline for filing?

A: The filing is the same as for federal and state.  April 15th.  Fiscal year accounts must be filed four months from the end of the fiscal year.

Q: I work in another city and they withhold money for tax there.  Do I still have to pay for Hillsboro tax?

A: We give credit for tax paid to other municipalities; up to 1.5%

Q: I only lived in Hillsboro for a few months.  Do I have to pay for the whole year?

A: Tax is based on time that you lived in Hillsboro, unless you worked in the city the full year.

Q: I claim a loss on my income tax.  How many years can it be carried forward?

A: Operating loss can be carried forward for 5 years.  Please refer to section 35.07 of the Income Tax Ordinance.

Q: What form of payment is accepted?

A: Cash, Check, money orders, and most Debit/Credit cards.

Q: Does Hillsboro Income Tax office share my information?

A: No.  All taxpayer information is confidential.  Refer to Section 35.21

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