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Tax Tips

Here are some tax tips to note: 

  • Hillsboro allows credit for taxes paid to other cities; up to Hillsboro’s tax rate of 1.5%, unless the other city’s tax rate is less. 
  • Any business losses may not offset the W-2 wages. 
  • The filing due date is April 15th or the IRS Federal due date or within 4 months after fiscal year end. 
  • All tax returns must include all applicable W2’s and applicable schedules (i.e. Schedule C, E, F, etc). Federal Form 1040, and must be signed. Returns that lack any of this information may not be considered filed.  
  • Payment is due at time of filing. 
  • Late Filing and Late Payment Penalties may be assessed. 
  • Interest rate on unpaid taxes:
    • Tax Year Beginning January 1, 2017 : 6%
    • Tax Year Beginning January 1, 2016 : 5%
  • Change of address (include date moved) 
  • Call or stop in our office if you have questions or need assistance in filing. 
  • Office hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
  • Online filing is available.  You will need your Hillsboro Tax account number to file.  Please call our office at 937-393-3848.

REGULATION 20171218 

  1. Residence 

In order to avoid taxing individuals not residents of the city but who retain a city mailing address only, the following notice shall be included with the tax return:  

If you are requesting that your account be inactivated due to your moving from the jurisdiction with no intent to return, although retaining a mailing address within the jurisdiction as your address of record, please enter the date of your move and the reason, and attach supporting documentation with regard to your relocation.  

Any person found falsely denying residence will be prosecuted as for income tax evasion. 

By order of the Hillsboro City Tax Commissioner this 26th day of December 2017. /s/ Sherry Davis

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