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What are the hours of operation for the Hillsboro Police Department?
The Hillsboro Police Department is always open, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
How do I know to contact the Hillsboro Police Department for assistance or in the event of an emergency?
If you are a resident of the corporation limits of the City of Hillsboro and need assistance or have an emergency at your residence, you would contact the Hillsboro Police Department.
Can I pay a traffic citation or minor misdemeanor citation at the Hillsboro Police Department after regular business hours?
Can I pay a bond for someone at the Hillsboro Police Department after normal business hours?
Can I come to the Hillsboro Police Department for a background check and finger printing?
The Hillsboro Police Department will complete a local background check pertaining to our records at no cost. However, we do not process fingerprints.
If I have a non-violent/minor issue with my neighbor (barking dog, property line dispute, etc.) do I immediately call law enforcement to respond?
It is always best to attempt to make contact with your neighbor and attempt to resolve the matter with them first if possible.
Does the Hillsboro Police Department unlock vehicles if I accidentally lock myself out?
No. Most towing services and locksmiths offer that service.
When may I get a copy of a traffic crash report or accident report?
Usually the standard amount of time you will need to wait is 3-5 business days, unless the case is still under investigation.
Results 1-8 of 8