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What are the most common code violations?
High Grass and/or noxious weeds, Inoperable motor vehicles, improperly maintained vacant structure, parking on sidewalks, unsanitary conditions and sight obstructions at intersections due to trees/bushes.
How does the City know when a violation exists?
A possible violation can be received either by phone, in person, in writing, or the Code Enforcement Officer may, in the course of their duties, observe a potential violation. Once received, the reported violation is investigated before any official action is taken; if no actual violation is observed no further action is taken.
How can I report a violation?
Violations can be reported by calling (937) 393-5219, in person at 130 N. High Street, Hillsboro OH 45133 or using the online Violation Reporting Form.
If I report a violation, is my information kept confidential?
Personal information is not required in order to report a violation.
How am I notified of a violation?
The person and/or property owner responsible for the violation is notified via letter.
What if I have questions about a violation?
You may call the Code Enforcement Officer at (937) 393-5219 to discuss and explain the specifics of any violation.
How many days do I have to correct a violation?
In most cases once a violation notice is received the property owner has ten days to correct the violation, unless a hazardous condition is created, in which case the correction time may be reduced or immediate.
Are re-inspections done to see if the property has complied?
Yes, usually following the date of expected compliance.
I have rental property in the City of Hillsboro. Am I responsible for violations caused by the tenant?
Results 1-9 of 9