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What is the purpose of the codes?
The purpose of the Codes is to establish uniform minimum requirements for the erection, construction, repair, alteration, and maintenance of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings, including industrialized units. Such requirements shall relate to the conservation of energy, safety, and sanitation of buildings for their intended use and occupancy with consideration for performance, extent of use, and standardization.
When do I need a permit?
A permit is required for the erection, repair, alteration, improvement, structural change, and addition of or to any building within the city. Permits are not required for ordinary maintenance or repair, unless the alteration changes the exterior lines or limits of the building, changes the number of living units within the building, or relates to the sanitary condition, which requires a building permit regardless of the cost of the improvement. Replacement Windows do not require a permit, unless it involves structural changes.
Where do I get a plumbing permit?
For Plumbing Permits, please contact: Highland County Health Department 1487 N High St # 400 Hillsboro, OH 45133 Phone: (937) 393-1941
Do I have to go to Columbus to get a state permit for a commercial/industrial building?
The City of Hillsboro Building Department became a State of Ohio Certified Building Department in 2014, which enables us to issue building permits under the requirements of the Ohio Building Code and perform all inspections for those permits, except plumbing, which is handled through the Highland County Health Department.
Does the City of Hillsboro issue permits for construction of manufactured homes?
Manufactured homes must go through a third party for permitting and inspections. Please contact the Ohio Manufactured Home Commission website or by phone at (614) 734- 8454, for more information. If you are planning on constructing a manufactured home within the city limits, you will need to contact our office for zoning approval. This does not apply to Industrialized Units, they are treated as a single family dwelling and require a permit.
What building codes do you enforce?
Residential building is enforced under the 2013 Residential Code of Ohio. Commercial/industrial building work is enforced under the 2011 Ohio Building Code, electrical work is under the 2011 National Electric Code or latest edition of any of the codes adopted by the State of Ohio, Board of Building Standards.
Where can I see a copy of the code?
Code books are available for viewing in our office or online.
What is zoning?
Zoning refers to legislation that basically maintains the integrity of the neighborhood, whether residential or commercial. By maintaining the integrity of the neighborhood, zoning protects your property value and enables you to enjoy your home, without excessive noise from traffic or industry right next door.
What if we live outside the city limits of Hillsboro?
For building permits and zoning issues outside of the city limits, contact: Highland County Commissioners 119 Foraker Place Hillsboro, OH 45133 (937) 393-1911
Results 1-9 of 9