Hillsboro Public Utilities

Mona Parker, Water Office Manager Nancy Mathews, Water Office Clerk

Water Rates Schedule:

0-133 C.F. $9.08 Minimum

Above 133 C.F. $6.79 per 100 C.F.

Water rates effective September 1, 2013

Sewer Rates Schedule:

0-133 C.F. $28.02 Minimum

Above 133 C.F. $7.52 per 100 C.F.

*7.5 Gal. per cubic foot

Sewer rates effective September 1, 2013

** Water and Sewer Rates outside the corporation limits are billed 50% additional

Bulk Water rates $1.00 per 100 gallons as of May 15, 2014

After Hour Emergencies: Contact the Police Department (937) 393-3411


View Account Information and Make Payments Online

To view your current water and sewer usage, please click the payment icon below. You will need your Book and Account number along with an associated PIN number. The PIN number is the last four digits of your telephone number on record. If you experience difficulty logging in, please call the Water Office at 393-3447.

Please note that online payments include a convenience fee that is retained by the financial institution conducting the online transaction. This is a service fee and is not retained by the City of Hillsboro Public Utilities. The convenience fee is added to your utilities bill and is reflected on your total amount during the time of your online transaction.

Online transactions will be credited to your account the following business day. In order to avoid penalty fees, please ensure timely payment.

* Please include both book and account numbers on all payments, inquiries, and correspondence.


City of Hillsboro Inflow and Infiltration Elimination Program