Hillsboro Police Department Crime Prevention

Motor vehicle thefts:
     Thefts from vehicles are among the most recurring crimes we face. This type of crime can be prevented with little effort from the vehicle owner. For example: remove all visible items of value ( such as GPS systems, laptops, cell phones, purses, wallets, and other electronic equipment) from your vehicle and make sure that the doors are locked. It takes just a few seconds to open a car door and grab a GPS system from the dashboard. If you are traveling make sure you remove the GPS from the dashboard and hide it inside the vehicle.
     If you have to hide items in the trunk make sure you do so before you reach your destination. Many times if someone sees you put something in the trunk they may wait for you to leave, break out your window, push the trunk release, and take the items out of the trunk. If you don’t want to take your purse with you leave it at home.
     Never leave your keys in your vehicle, even if you will only be gone for a couple of minutes. If someone steals you vehicle with the keys in it, they may now have keys to your home if they are on the key ring. Not to mention it is illegal to leave your vehicle running and un-attended.
If someone does get into your vehicle don’t touch or disturb anything and call the police.